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Motorcycle Insurance for Old Motorcycles

Motorcycle Insurance for Old Motorcycles
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A lot of people are into motorcycling these days. Pieces like antique Harley Davidson or BMW are not as rare as you might think. However, you should know that in many cases, these old pieces need to be insured. Luckily, there are a lot of motorcycle insurance companies willing to insure your old motorcycle.

Usually motorcycle insurance has a definite purpose of insuring the owner against accidents and other road related issues. However, when it comes to old motorcycles insurance things are way different than that. This is because these pieces are usually prone to thefts and burglaries rather than road related problems. These are antiques and they need proper security because of this reason. The main focus of such insurance is to cover thefts.

Every motorcycle that is more than 25 years old is considered such an old motorcycle so that insurance companies go with the agreed value instead of market pricing. If you own such an old motorcycle, you should know that insuring it is a must.

You will agree to the value of the motorcycle and you will get your money in case of theft, fire or other unfortunate event. It is clear that agreeing upon a value is a great characteristic of this motorcycle insurance.

The basic coverage is offered in case of accidents and the value is established by an agreement between the motorcycle owner and the insurance company. However, you should take into consideration the fact that a higher value means higher premiums and not everybody can afford that.

Many of the old motorcycles had side cars for the convenience of taking the family with you on the ride. If you own such motorcycle, it is advisable to try and get motorcycle insurance for the side car too.

Unfortunately, antique motorcycle insurance is expensive. This is because the risk associated to theft is higher and insurance companies need to be covered in case of an event. On the other hand, the best offers can be found on the Internet. If you will search a little bit, you have to find some kind of decent motorcycle insurance for your piece.

In conclusion, new and antique motorcycle insurance differs a lot. The first one is usually about road related accidents and the last one is about thefts, burglaries and damaging. This is because motorcycles older than 25 years are in the antiques section and a lot of them are practically invaluable.

In many cases the owner has to agree upon a value of the motorcycle. If you are in this situation, you should know that choosing a very high value will bring you in the situation of paying high premiums.

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